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The term of " ability of the person " was used earlier in the Atlas of opportunities. However, when we speak about abilities, we mean specific features of the person more often. Abilities are conditions of successful realization of the certain sort of activity. They are not reduced to knowledge and skills. They are found out in speed, depth, durability of mastering by ways and receptions of activity. Concepts of talent and genius are connected to abilities. Therefore, the term of "ability" has been replaced with "opportunities of the person". In this case we have a category of the basic steps of development of the person. In other words, opportunities of the person is a set of properties and tendencies of development homo due to which he differs from fauna. In due course the person gets means, a condition or circumstance for realization of any activity. At last, the person gets a specific feature or ability, realizing some opportunity.

The full description of features of qualities and tendencies homo is resulted below. The reduced variant of person's opportunities is offered to the reader the same.




Ethics, morals, spiritual memory



Universal Information - entertaining Network of Metagalaxy (UINM)

Integrity of the person

Pressure of ideas and management of it

Reception of ideas from Creator of the Universe 

Reception and sending of idea by the person

Creation of the information person's double

Remote hearing or hearing through distance

Opportunity to have a conversation through distance

Opportunity of translation of any speech and its understanding

Teleportation and travel to the past and future time

Vision through distance and stereovision of object from several horizons of existence of a matter

Remote sense of smell

The autotrophe person

Protection against knowledge unknown

Remote perception and transfer of feelings on distance

Psi-location of inanimate objects (pathogenic zones)

Kinds of speech (a nursery, adult, magic, shout, singing, wise, deep, color, aither), management and its transformation

Definition of danger

Initial Wisdom

Intermediate Wisdom and gate to human soul

Health of heart

Quantum hands, the decision of environmental problems and new surgery

Kindness and quantum (spiritual) wings

Improvement of subjects of work with the help of soul

Space Wisdom and the future of a terrestrial civilization

Opening of Anthropospace

Quantum (spiritual) faces of the homospace

Evolution of Anthropospace

Definition of global quarks and construction from them elementary particles, micro- and the macrouniverses

Map development of Anthropospace and use for teleportations and travel to time


One of opportunities of the Person


Storage and accumulation of First-born Light

Travel in horizon of Light or the world of Fairy tales

Various types of telekinesis

Force of character and health of the person

Birth of the biodouble or the archangel

Survival suit for homospace

Management of energy of Intention, Youth (Beauty), Creativity and Love

Management of energy of Adherence, Knowledge and Belief

Reception of energy from Space and adjustment of an organism

Monad "Me", a birth of a monad and definition of spiritual relatives

Birth of own Universe

Opportunity of physical contact with Jesus Christ, the Greek and pagan gods, Brama or the Governor of the Star Sky, Narayn, the God of ideas and the Creator of the Universe

Negative opportunities of the person or similar to the Devil

Opportunities of palms

Some opportunities of stops of the person

Full organic chemistry of the person or an opportunity of "factory" of bodies of an organism (to live eternally)





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