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" The elixir of a youth " remains 

unrealizable dream of mankind. 

But prolongation of a high-grade active life - 

business quite real. 

The way to it persistently searches Alliga Ter


The ticket in city of the Youth. Ways of prolongation of human life.


Process of ageing of the person

Why do we grow old? This question seldom comes to mind to people young or that who already in the age of, but was always healthy. In fact while we are young, it seems incomprehensible, that we shall grow old and we shall die. However, I, you, any of us we grow old during each moment, even now, reading these pages.

Successes of medicine promoted that in industrially advanced countries record life expectancy is achieved now. If the tendency to its increase the person by 2050 will live on the average longer 75 years will be kept. As a result of prolongation of a life and reduction of birth rate the number of older persons has appreciablly increased. It has changed some sides of activity of a society and has created new directions of an active life. The significant push in the development was received with the gerentology studying process of ageing, - multidisciplinary branch of science in which anatomists work, physiologists, biochemists, psychologists, doctors, representatives of religious faiths and other experts.

Its basic problems - to identify the "normal" processes of ageing inherent in all people, as far as possible, to warn them, and to determine, how some people successfully resist to ageing. If it will be possible to allocate the factors, braking ageing it will be possible to use, probably, them and at any number of other people and, thus, to prolong their life. It would allow much of us longer to remain "young".

We shall try to understand a problem of gerentology. We shall offer a direction with qualitatively changed the approach to processes of ageing, and can be we shall prolong a life till 150 years.



Normal age changes

How do estimate the process of ageing quantitatively?

How do keep a youth longer?

Maintenance of physical activity

The control over stressful situations

To live 100 years - practical researches and results, 2004

The basic types and mechanisms of ageing from the point of view of physics

Borders of longevity of the modern person

Questions about the further evolution of the person

To live 150-300 years - practical researches and results, 2004

Lessons of walking on waters - questions of the reader, answers

To live 1000-1500 - practical researches and results, 2004

To live eternally or immortality - preliminary researches and results, 2004

Returning of a youth for two school hours - comparison, results, 2005








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