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Alliga Ter about psychophysical opportunities of the person


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 Tsiolkovskij K.E. The future mankind
Tsiolkovskij K.E. "The future mankind". The person has made a great way from a "dead" matter to monocelled essences, and from here to present half to an animal status. Whether he will stop on this way? If will stop, not now for we see, what giant stride the science, technics, conditions of a life and the social device of mankind progresses now. It specifies and changes in him. Anyway these changes should take place... further


It is devoted Alain Е.!

I wish you to go to Ural.

To give birth to the new child.

To grow old together with loved.

And to live a human life.

May, 2004


Cosmic expansion and new directions of activity of the person

I want to tell about the main steps of cosmic expansion on the base of psychophysical opportunities of the Person and to show: without knowledge and achievements of antroporegulation is impossible the deep penetration into the universe.

For research of the universe the person has bodies of labour activity. They are connected to abilities of an organism of the third alarm system, and they are proportional to Space. It is telepathy, concrete spiritual norms and principles, remote vision, Map of Antropospace, remote telekinetic influence, ability to comprehension of millions speech dialects, ability to understand statuses of object and potential consequences of its influence and others. All abilities of the person are connected to his psychophysical opportunities or with антропо regulation. (The Atlas of the Person is more detailed see).

At an outer space exploration the mankind will put many the most interesting purposes and tasks. First of the purposes is research and settling of Solar system. This task is put forward by a modern society of 21 centuries. It is obvious to come to a solar civilization, for a society there are subtasks. It, first of all, is the following: creation of an infrastructure of space base on the Moon; new types of engines; studying of mental space of Solar system; new kinds of space energy; opening of existential portals or holes; other.

About it we shall lead conversation.


Settling of the satellite the Moon and its role in development of Solar system

Engines of spacecrafts

Modern rockets carriers

Gravitational engines

Teleportation technics

Sublight, light and superlight speeds

Forms of existence of a life in Solar system and space philosophy of the attitude to them

Astronauts about mental space

The MoonTne space expan

The Venus

The Earth

The Mercurius

The Sun

The Mars

The Jove

The Saturn

The Uranus

The Neptune

The Pluton

Belt an Aorta

The tenth planet

Solar expansion of the person

Gravitational strings in Solar system

Existential portals in Cosmic

The form and structure of a body of the universe

Use of a circumterraneous portal and its valueThe basic representatives of space civilizations of our universe

The basic representatives of cosmic civilizations of our universe

Human horizon of a life

Horizon of reasons - consequences

Horizon of the beginning

Horizon of substance (matter)

Horizons of Light, Fire, the Earth, Wind and Water

Horizon of Soul

Horizon of Waves

Horizon of Geometry

Mental Horizon of idea

The code of behaviour of a cosmic civilization







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