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"Ангел Златые Волоса", Новгородская икона 12 в

The angel is the Greek word, meaning the envoy, the bulletin. The angel is used in the Bible in various values: in relation to the Son of the God, Jesus Christ, and in relation to people, priests and bishops of churches, and in relation to subjects callous and to natural phenomena when they are bulletins of anger of the God. But in own and close sense this word in the Bible designates personal, spiritual essences, the absolute the person and created by the God. They announce to people the will of the God and execute on the ground of His command.


The doctrine about Angels or Angelology

Proceeding from antroporegulation, Angels are defined as a wide class of the created alive universal essences. They are built by Masters of antroporegulation, for example, the God, the representative of a space civilization, the person. Angels have no human space or soul. It is the main difference from naturally given birth alive essences. They carry out a task of the founder, and they are development of bodies of work and continuation of a physical body of the God or the Spiritual Person.

Angels are a set from nine metaphysical Forces or psychophysical achievements of the Master. These Forces or perfection of the Master are shown concerning the world. They abandon the Master and become independent essences with a charge of emotional and mental forces till the moment of their destruction. Angels possess ability of use of own energy of idea, the love and the will for modification of the Nature, the Ether and Mind.

For the person the prosecution of ability of creation of Angels is not recommended. On the contrary, interest to this ability is considered as a deviation from the prime targets and as a doubtless obstacle in a way to the perfection by which the person should be guided. These forces are naturally developed, when the person achieves the certain levels in movement to the purpose. Then the person is capable to use them if necessary. For example, angels are purchase of research of antropospace.

However, these mental forces can be produced since a birth, by means of narcotic substances, spells or ascetism. Any mental force can be achieved without practice of antroporegulation. But it will function only at the lowest levels. For example, in absence of refusal of desires to harm, lie, steal, be sensual or greedy, mental forces are capable to involve the person in practice of black magic. As to extreme ascetism, it is capable to refine considerably character of a physical body, but it yet does not mean development of reason.

Angels are formed of quantum currents of 8 main nervous centers of an organism of the person. These Forces include: 1) creativity of ideas and authority of management by any events in the necessary direction, 2) knowledge of the heavenly worlds, 3) management by ether, 4) creation of idyllic mutual relations, 5) keepers of first-born Light, 6) creative activity and planning with the purpose of reception of material subjects, 7) forces of harmony in feelings and passions, 8) a reasonable rating of adherence, knowledge and religiousness, 9) similar to the Master or the founder.

On Christian terminology of them distinguish on functions and tasks in appropriate way:


1. Thrones operate circumstances, destiny, an idea and, thus, they are on the most thin plans of life. They are born by means of a quantum current of a parietal nervous texture. In other words, the God or the Master operates currents of the parietal center and creates long-living waves of ideas. Thrones differ on specificity of carried out tasks and total the following displays: the Flower of Ideas, Restoration of Spirit, Storage of Ideas, Reproduction of Experience, the Idea of the Creator, Transfer of Idea, the Choice of Current of Idea and Change of Current of Idea. One of representatives of Thrones is an angel of poetic inspiration or multiwinged horse (Pegase). Another - the Sky of True. 

Dionis Areopagit summarized experience Shabby and the New testament (5-6 century). He writes about Thrones: "So, it is fair in first of heavenly Hierarchies essences the supreme as he has the supreme grade are devoted, is especial because to her as to the nearest to the God, the first originally concern theAngels of Domination Epiphany and consecration, And heavenly Minds refer to as burning Thrones and outpouring of wisdom because names express their Godlike properties... The Name of the highest Thrones means that they are completely free from any terrestrial attachment and, constantly towering above valleys, премирно aspire to tops, is in every way motionless and are firmly sticked to an essence truly to the Highest, accepting His Divine suggestion in the uttermost impassivity and immaterialness; means also that they carry the God and obsequiously carry out to Divine His commands"


2. Dominations are multiwinged essences. They look in all horizons of existence of a matter. The white cloud covers a body, hands and foots. Angels of Domination create by the quantum current of nervous textureСерафим between eyebrowes.


3. Serafim is a quantum current of a throat nervous texture. Angels inform a word of the Master by any space distance and in any horizon of a life. They speak on any universal speech, and they operate by human language.

In vision of prophet Isaii they are represented surrounding a throne God; they have a human image; at each of them on six wings: to two they close the face, to two - close the foots, to two fly. They unremittingly sing a song: «sacred, sacred, sacred God of troops, all ground is full of His glory». One of Angels has touched the lit coal of lips of Isaii, having told to him: «here it has touched your lips, and your lawlessness is removed from you, and your sin is cleared» (Isaii VI, 1-7). 

On classification by Dionis Areopagit, Serafims concern to the first triad: "... multiwinged Serafims are in the greater and непосредственой пред others of affinity to the God. As to name Serafims, it clearly shows incessant and their usual aspiration to Divine, their fervour and speed, their ardent, constant, unrelenting and steady precipitancy, also their ability to erect the lowest in high, to ignite them to similar heat: it also means ability, burning thus to clear them is always open unextinguishable, constantly identical, light and educating force their banishing any gloom. 


4. Cherubs are the keepers of tables ofCherubs are the keepers of tables of soul soul and access in Paradise, they are responsible for mutual relations. Cherubs are formed by a quantum current of the left and right heart centers. There are the Cherubs of Love Developing Doubt, Kindness, Pleasures, Ecstasy. The cherub protected the Tree of the Life after exile from paradise Adama and Eva.

According to classification Dionis Areopagit: “the Cherubs means their ability to accept high society and to behold Divine grandeur at His very first display, their wise art to teach and inform anothers granted to him wisdom ”. 













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